< 3x3 >

In basic version, figure-tasks are created in the matrix of 3x3 squares.

Differences between the Lugram_III and Lugram_III_g:

        • way of selecting the constituent elements
        • matrix for solving tasks is not visible
        • a number of errors is limited
        • a number of tasks at the level of the game is nine


< 5x5 >

LUGRAM_5x5 brings increase dimensions of tasks-matrix. Creating tasks in 3x3 submatrix is possible, of course.

        • module for creating the figure-tasks
        • module for creating the constituent elements
        • time limit for solving problems
        • choice of time limits
        • choice of music background
        • choice of figure-tasks colors

Three tasks levels are available . Allowed number of errors in the game is less if the level of the game higher. Success depends on the time which was spent for the solving all tasks.


< 7x7 >

LUGRAM_7x7 allows the matrix 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7 squares. Home group of tasks has been taken from the version 5x5.



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